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Originally Posted by DoTheBlue View Post
Give the fatman a break. You have to read between the lines with Boudreau.

When he says

"Well, the one thing, its reputation is far better than the actual building," the coach said.

He means - The food sucks.

When he says

"I mean, it's nothing. The locker rooms are horrible."

He means - There's no kitchen in the locker rooms

When he says

"The benches are horrible."

He means - The benches should be made of something edible

When he says

"There's no room for anything."

He means - He gets tired of holding his 20 piece KFC bucket all period because that only leaves one hand to eat with.

When he says

"Also, our building's a lot louder, too. So I mean, they can say what they want, but it's not that loud in there."

He means - I always miss the hotdog vendors as they are going by because they don't yell "Get your dogs here" loud enough
Well done, sir.

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