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04-18-2011, 02:05 PM
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Thanks for the scouting report, MoO.

Originally Posted by jbeck5 View Post
Wouldn't he be bigger and taller then most? I should hope he can handle himself in a fight against heavyweights.He is a heavyweight...6'5,230? He's bigger then carkner. If he couldn't handle himself against 17-18 year old fighters i would be worried.
I think he means "heavyweight" in the sense that those guys a primarily there to fight- rather than just judging by their weight.

Originally Posted by karlskiller View Post
That's exactly why i'd love him to be paired with Karlsson next year. Karlsson played some of his best hockey when he was paired with Sutton and Cowen can provide everthing Sutton can plus he can provide help on offense which Sutton couldn't and his defensive instincts are off the charts compared to Sutton.
This. A couple of the times I went to SBP this year when Karlsson and Phillips were paired, you could see Karlsson was aching for Phillips to just slide the puck cross-ice to him. Even after watching him for all these years, I was still amazed by Phillips' inability to recognize and make a simple pass.

Originally Posted by slamigo View Post
Take away 1.5 seconds because of the size of the rink, the size of the players, the speed of the players, the impact of the hits, etc, etc, etc. Does he still make that play? Or does he make that play and get crushed?

Let's watch him play in NA and see how he reacts. Not trying to harsh anyone's vibe here, just maintaining some calm.

edit: I should point out that I'm very, very excited to see Runblad play. I can't wait for both these kids (Cowen, Runblad) to get some ice time. I just want to keep my expectation realistic. I think the Sens defence corps are going to be the envy of the league with Karlsson, Runblad, Cowen, etc in another year or two.
IMO Larsson will have an easier time than DR adjusting to the smaller rink.

I've said it before, and will continue to mention that I think we need to tell Cowen and DR that they'll be in Bingo for no less than 20 games to start the year- no matter how good they are out of camp. Re-sign Hale to a 2-way with a beefed-up AHL salary, and the promise that he'll be up during that 20 game stint. If we encounter injuries during that time, call up Gryba or PW (or the like) depending on who goes down.

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