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04-18-2011, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Special View Post
Sounds to me like there are some sour grapes from fans who can't make it to games at The Garden these days.

The place was freakin' rockin yesterday. Were there lulls? sure, but not for long.

Was it the loudest it's ever been? No, but it's HOME GAME 1 OF ROUND 1, APRIL 17TH, NOT STANLEY CUP FINALS GAME 7 MID-JUNE!!

You guys crack me up!

And there have ALWAYS been a lot of corporate customers at MSG. ALWAYS. This is Wall Street for chrissakes.
I can afford the prices, but I won't pay them because I'd rather watch it on my 50" Panasonic plasma than support the rampant greed of the corporations behind it. The advent of HD has made the experience more pleasurable watching from home. And you know, it's free.

Oh, and I'd say the "sour grapes" are justified, considering a normal person can't even afford to take his kid to a game, anymore. Yeah, I'd have "sour grapes", too.

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