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Originally Posted by hightide85 View Post
I can afford the prices, but I won't pay them because I'd rather watch it on my 50" Panasonic plasma than support the rampant greed of the corporations behind it. The advent of HD has made the experience more pleasurable watching from home. And you know, it's free.

Oh, and I'd say the "sour grapes" are justified, considering a normal person can't even afford to take his kid to a game, anymore. Yeah, I'd have "sour grapes", too.
While i can agree with your sentiment (I definitely go to less games than I used to, choosing the comfort of my living room in many cases), I have to laugh at you sticking it to the evil greed of corporations by

watching on your television created by a...gigantic corporation,
on a network owned by....yup THE corporation you speak of
with HDTV cable pumped through from a...gigantic corporation (and if its cablevision, the SAME gigantic corporation),
littered with ads and commercials from...corporations.

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