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Originally Posted by stv11 View Post
If I'm Sean Simpson, I want to keep the Monnet-Ambühl-Sprunger and Rüthemann-Plüss-Gardner lines, though I wonder if Rüthemann and Plüss wouldn't be better with a more physical player (that line didn't work out in 2009, but was better last year with Paterlini or Déruns). Then it depends if Wick joins the team. If so, I'd play him with Lemm and maybe Bieber, and keep the Lötscher-Trachsler-Moser line, though I would replace one of Moser or Gardner with Déruns. Without Wick, I'd create an agressive forechecking line based on speed with Savary and Déruns, and also keep the Lötscher-Trachsler pair.

On defense, the most likely to be dropped is Gobbi. I've never liked Bezina, but I must admit he's done well this season and expect him to make the team unless his injury is too serious. I think the other cuts will be among Furrer, Ramholt, Grossman and Gerber. Then there's the possibility of Sbisa or Josi joining the team.

Well and if I was Sandro Bertaggia, I'd tap your shoulder and say: "well thought boss, as usual."

Gardner is really hard to judge as a player. he's a bit a swiss version of Holmström (not stylewise but valuewise), he does some stuff quite bad, but his game quality in front of the goal is just of unique value. and I agree the Rüthemann-PlüssLine is the only option for him.

and I'wonder if Deruns can reach last years level of play,he's lacking a bit energy this year IMO

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