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04-18-2011, 02:56 PM
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Certainly some good thoughts in here...

-The music and scoreboard like everyone said. There is too much heavy metal. The majority of people still paying for tickets are over the age of 40. They don't want to hear that crap. I'm 30 and can tolerate it, but to hear the entire warm-up of Godsmack or whatever the hell it is get's tiresome pretty quick. The in game selection does improve, but it is fairly repetitive. Good music selection engages people. I've seen it at other arenas around the NHL and it works.

The scoreboard issue is a joke. Not going to comment.

-Stop with the noise-o-meter during a tv timeout when the players are standing at the benches. It's pathetic. Do it when they are coming to the faceoff or during a rush.

-There should be a ban on people yelling, "shhoootttttt, shhhoootttt". I can't stand that. Shut the hell up! Like the players are listening or the fans know better.

-Mic the players and broadcast over the sound-system what they are saying during scrums. Now that would get you your money's worth!

-Ban old people from getting up during the middle of a powerplay like they always seem to because they need to go take a dump during the second period. Obviously the 3rd period wouldn't matter, as they leave to be home in bed by no later than 9pm anyway.

-2 for 1 beer night against non playoff, southern U.S teams (i.e Florida, Atlanta, Carolina)

-Have a John Muckler sweater night

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