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Originally Posted by sarcastro View Post
If the ref had been watching the play and had a good angle, he'd have seen that the hit was shoulder-to-shoulder and shoulder-to-boards. If he called it based on Jovo's body position after the hit, Jovo actually was turned face-towards-the-ice when he fell. If he had been boarded, he'd either be face-towards-the-glass or he'd be right along the boards. It's hard to hit a guy in the back and have him bounce off the boards facing you.
When the moment that hit began, Jovo was at a 45 degree angle to the boards. I think that's clear.
Helm comes it at a 90 degree angle and rams him into the boards. Jovo is able to squeeze out of the head-on-smash, but was still injured on the play.
You want to run a guy into the boards from behind, prepare for two minutes or more.
Cry about it all, I don't care.

I mean, when you look at the Torres hit and the Franzen hit and you see that those aren't penalties, there's no way that the Helm hit can be called. At least, not if the league is pretending the same standards exist across the board.
That's silly talk. The league is "pretending?"
What was wrong with the Torres shot? The only thing wrong with it, MAYBE, is that Eberle had lost control of the puck. But if that hit connects with Eberle's shoulder, nobody cares.
I already told you that I wouldn't complain if Doan was called for two minutes there, even if I don't think the refs necessarily made the wrong call.

I'm not suggesting the league or specific refs are "out to get" the Wings, but I am suggesting that the league and specific refs are incompetent and are not using equal standards on all hits.
You've got 60+ plus refs who will never all be on the exact same page. It's impossible. Some refs let some stuff go. Some let other stuff go and crack down on other things.

I prefer the guys who let them play, calling the obvious, the dangerous infractions, and the infractions that prevent or cause scoring chances. If I reffed, that's how I'd do it.

On the subject of goals being waved off because of "interference", they damn well are out to get the Wings because the standard for the Wings is nowhere near the standard set for any other team. Even if it's not Homer, there's a dotted red line for the Wings and a regular black line for other teams.
I'll give you that Homer has earned the extra scrutiny from the refs, but I don't see Cleary and Franzen getting waved off 5 times a year.

And you know what, Homer FINALLY got the point and he's backed off a good 12-18 inches.
Finally. And has it hurt his game? Nope.
He provides screens on what? Two goals the other night? TIpped in another?
If only he'd have realized that earlier

Whine about the doublestandard all you want. But if you're ref and Homer's out there, you know that if the Wings get a goal because of Homer's interference, you're going to be the one who has to tell your boss why you didn't keep an eye on the game's most famous crease crasher.

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