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Originally Posted by ButlerFutureSniper View Post
I went to school in french and live in Quebec so I can help, my grammar might have errors so corrections will be needed but heres my best shot

Thank you for listening to my presentation today.
The item I decided to present is this hockey rookie card.
The player on the card is Erik Karlsson, who plays for defence for the Ottawa Senators. Erik Karlsson was born in Landsbro, Sweden and was drafted by Ottawa in the 2008 NHL entry draft.

Merci pour avoir ecouter ma presentation aujourd'hui. L'item que jai decider de vous presentez c'est ma cart de recrue du joeur Erik Karlsson qui joue a la defense pour les Senateurs d'Ottawa. Karlsson est nee a Landsbro, en Suede et a été repecher en 2008 dans le premier rond, 15ieme en tout.

The reason I wanted to present the card, was because of how I obtained it.
About 2 years ago, while I was working at the cinema, I noticed that a guest was having issues purchasing tickets for the correct film. When I went over to speak to the client, I realized that it was Erik Karlsson. I asked him if he needed any help, to which he replied "yes", so I told him to come to the other counter so that I could help him.

La raison que je vous present cet cart c'est la facon donc je l'ai recue. Vela 2 ans, je travaillais a un cinema et javais appercu quelqu'un qui avait des problems a procurer un billet pour le film qu'il voulait allez voir. en marchant vers le clien jai realiser que c'etait bien Erik Karlsson. Je l'ai en suit demander si il avait besoin d'aide, et il m'a repliquer "oui" en anglais. Je l'avais ensuite demander qu'il me suive au prochain comptoir.

While I was waiting for the computer to be free, I congratulated him on scoring his first goal in the NHL, which he had done the night before. We talked for a little while longer while I sorted out his issue, and when he was set to leave, he asked me what time I finished work. I told him I would be finished at 6:00pm. He said that he had something at his house that he wanted to give to me and that he would drop it off before I left. I told him it was unnecessary, but he insisted.

About an hour later Erik Karlsson returned to give me two autographed cards. One of which I brought to speak about today.

Pendant que j'attendais pour utiliser l'ordinateur je l'avais feliciter davoir compter son premier but dans le LNH hier soir. Ont avaient parler pour une couple de minutes pendant que j'arrengais sont problem de billets. Avant de partir Il m'avait quand es ce que je finissais de travailler. J'avais repliquer de mon shift terminais a six heures le soire. Il mavait dit qu'il avait quelque chose pour moi chez lui et qu'il allait le chercher pour moi avant que mon shift finisse. Je l'ai remercier en lui dissant que c'etais pas nécessaire, mais il avait insisté.

Une heure plutard Erik Karlsson etait de retour avec deux carte signé, donc un que je vous avez presenter aujoud'hui.

ALERT: I've mispelled probably a lot of words so you might need to review it but this is how I would say it. IF you only have to present it and not hand it the written then more power to you if not get it corrected by someone who has decent french grammar. I can speak it fine, writting is another question. Hope it helps but take it with a grain of salt.
Thank you so much! I only have to present it, so I'm in luck there. I will still likely read it off to a couple people at work that have a better grasp over the language than myself, just to make sure I am making sense / pronouncing everything correctly.

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