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04-18-2011, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by utmfisher19 View Post
Kind of hard to relate the two since Wilson is a skilled guy that has good deking skills while Halischuk is a grinder (albeit a relatively skilled grinder). Halischuk is affective on the 4th line, which is where he is playing in the playoffs, while Wilson is not. Halischuk is light-years ahead of Wilson in terms of defense. Wilson's defense might be the worst on the team in terms of forwards.

Also, in the final 2 weeks of the season, Wilson finished with 1 point (1 goal) and Halischuk 5 points (2 goals). Wilson is supposed to be (and is...) the more skilled player, but the results showed otherwise.
Sorry, I have to "chime" in here. Defensively, Wilson is +9 on the season. He had one noteable defensive brain fart against St Louis, and a goal was scored.
Funny thing is, Halischuk had the exact same brain lapse in game 1 of this series! Only difference is the other team did not score. (people only harp on these things when a goal is scored).
Wilson averaged 7 - 8 minutes per game in the last 15......hard to rack up any points
Halischuk, definitely not taking away from him, as I like his style of play (completely different from Wilson), got 5 points playing on a line where he average 15 minutes a game. Big difference.
I think Wilson is being sent a message, and Trotz figures he can afford not to play him right now. Not sure why he did not do this during regular season instead of waiting until playoffs?
I know you all think I am a Wilson "homer" but I know his style of play as I have followed him, and other prospects from 2005 - 2010 closely.
Trotz referred into an article as Ryan Suter having a similar situation in his first full year. Anyone remember or have info. on that?
Interestingly, Tyler Seguin seems to be experiencing the same thing in Boston. Ice time went WAY down for last 15 games or so. Healthy scratch during playoff games.
Part of developement for these young guys on certain teams........

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