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Since it's just the two of you and one goal, you're probably better off playing 1 on 1. For difficulty, you can do a few things:

Play "posts" - you score by hitting the post with your shot. If you don't have something to catch the balls behind your net, don't do this.
Jersey in the net - you can tie a jersey in the net and make it so that you have to miss the jersey to score (or hit the jersey, upto you)
Mini-net - lay the net down so that the base is now the goal. For added difficulty, rotate the net so that the player has to get behind the net to score (this one involves lots more running, and the net can be a tripping hazard!)

If you wanted to, you could do most of these with 2 on 0s. For some added fun try setting up a bit of an obstacle course with items laying around (trash bins, old tires, a ladder, or you could always buy pylons) to practice stickhandling. The goal is to go through the obstacle course in the fastest time and score on net (be it hitting the posts, missing the jersey on the shot, or doing a wraparound)

There were a few games we liked to play if we didn't have enough people for two nets and at least 2 on 2 with goalies:

Hog: Essentially free for all. Every man for himself. First to x amount of goals wins.
Team Hog: Two teams with one net. You had to clear the trash bin before you could transition from defense to offense.
Elimination: Same idea as hog, but if you score a goal, you advance to the next round and sit out the remainder of this round. The last person left at the end of the round is eliminated.
Elimination Shootouts: Like elimination, except in shootout format.

These are all great if you can find some neighbor kids to play with you!

Originally Posted by BlackDog13 View Post
I'm 50 years old and still play in the street with my kids. We run the gamut from 2-on Dad to full blown games when enough kiddies show up (I usually take that opportunity to step inside with a cold one and watch through the bay window) As others have said, definitely more fun on inlines than foot. To be completely honest, I've never been on ice skates in my life but have played on wheels since I was around 12.
Part of me can't wait to do that someday!

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