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04-18-2011, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... Of course I can't really comment on Thornton having words with guys on the bench because no one really knows what was said and from what I've seen, Clowe seems to yell at everyone. I don't know.

Was Thornton all that bad in game 2? I can't say that I thought he was.

Whereas the Sharks were giving the puck away for most of the game, Thornton put in more time than anyone on the team except for Boyle, and didn't have one giveaway. Thornton was very good on the draw. He played on the PK and neither of the Kings PP goals were scored with him on the ice. In fact, Thornton was the guy who won a battle for the puck with Handzus and cleared it out, and he no sooner got off the ice than the Kings came right back and got the goal from Doughty to make it 2-0. Thornton was the guy who ended up in front of the net on the Clifford goal because Justin Braun got caught chasing Clifford (then lost him) and Wallin was tied up with Simmonds in the slot.

On the offensive side, I usually saw Thornton right in front of Quick on most of the Sharks' chances, so I didn't see a failure to get involved at all. A couple times, he was camped out on one side of the net and rebounds bounced the other way, just bad luck. Of course, the argument always seems to be "he didn't create enough" but from my perspective I thought it was more of a case of the Kings playing good defense and doing much more to win the game than the Sharks did to lose it. I've been trying to watch Thornton as much as anyone, precisely because of his reputation. Granted, I'm limited to watching on TV, but I'm not seeing any lack of effort on his part, and I don't see anything in the numbers that would indicate otherwise.
On the FSN broadcast check out the break with 53.8 seconds remaining in the 2nd period. You can clearly see Thornton and Setoguchi screaming at each other with tons of f-bombs. It's absolutely priceless.

Dutch, I'm not sure which game you watched the other night but Jumbo Joe looked like an idiot out there. If it wasn't for the fact that you could see the players throwing hissy fits on the bench, I'd almost be inclined to demand an investigation from the NHL to figure out why the Sharks deliberately threw the game.

Give the Kings their due, they exucuted and played great, but I'm having a hard time believing they are capable of producing another healthy steamer such as the one presented to us on Saturday night.

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