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Originally Posted by Renneys Revenge View Post
I don't slash at them or anything but I am not going to give up on a puck until the whistle is blown - a goal is a goal. Also I made a point of screening the goalie this season and seemed to catch a lot of flack (from them). Is that just the other team being fussy or is it wrong for me to have a presence in front of the net? I am not touching the goalie/making any contact whatsoever but he is pushing me and I usually draw a defenseman who does the same thing. They whine at me and each other, am I in the wrong?
That doesn't sound too out of line.

You might want to think about how hard you're actually going at the goalie before the whistle sounds, though. When someone pokes or hacks at my glove when I clearly have the puck, even if the whistle hasn't gone, it's annoying.

I've been speared pretty hard and gotten some nasty bruises from people who claim to have been going for the puck, but they miss badly - including one this year where the stick blade ended up caught in under my knee protection (and the puck was in my glove, not under my pad anyway).

If you're not in the crease, and not making contact with the goalie - it's all good. Screening is always totally fine, in whatever sort of game - pickup, league...

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