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Originally Posted by cjspencer View Post
another game, won 6-0. i think we're definitely being moved up. after the 1st we switched positions and stopped backchecking, in the 3rd some of the defense switched to opposite hand sticks. the other team was pretty pissed this time.
Switching sticks to opposite hands in a blowout is definitely disrespectful and a massive dbag move. I know I said violent retribution is rare in beer league, but pull stunts like that and you are definitely risking cheap shots, personally I wouldn't blame anyone for laying a dirty hit/slash/crosscheck on someone who was being that cocky. Celebrating a goal, pulling dirty dangles, these kind of things won't draw much, but if you go way out of your way to embarrass the other team, you are risking violence, just as you would if you went way out of your way to embarrass a guy at a bar or some other such situation.

Originally Posted by Renneys Revenge View Post
I just finished my second season in beer league, as well as my second year playing hockey. What would you say is the etiquette regarding goalies? I don't slash at them or anything but I am not going to give up on a puck until the whistle is blown - a goal is a goal. Also I made a point of screening the goalie this season and seemed to catch a lot of flack (from them). Is that just the other team being fussy or is it wrong for me to have a presence in front of the net? I am not touching the goalie/making any contact whatsoever but he is pushing me and I usually draw a defenseman who does the same thing. They whine at me and each other, am I in the wrong?
As others have said, screening the goalie is perfectly fine, expect to have dmen and the goalie do everything in their power (mostly shoves/cross checks) to move you out of the way, but both the screening and the hits to the screener are a totally standard part of all forms of hockey other than shinny.

However, poking away at a goalie who has fully covered the puck, even if the whistle has not blown yet, is IMO totally over the line in beer league, don't do it. If the puck is free/uncovered, get at it, but once the goalie has it covered leave it alone, it is just beer league after all, no need to potentially injure the goalie for some ugly goal that you're unlikely to get anyways.

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