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04-19-2011, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by LamoTheKid View Post
Ummm, I was in Sec 416 yesterday, and while quiet doesn't describe it, there was certainly large stretches of time between the Ovie goal and the Dubie goal where all you got was an "oooh" or "GABORIK YOURE SO WEAK YOU LITTLE SISSY" (ahhh the blue seats, gotta love em!). It was more of an uneasy muffled time. LGR chants couldn't catch on, there was some awful popwer play that really got everyone groaning.

The place wasn't "rocking" for the full 60 mins (but we certainly woke up during our offensive pressure and the 3 goals). Can I compare that to the WAS arena? No, of course not. Was Boudreau right? Sort of, but not really. I don't see why you guys are getting so bent out of shape about his comments.
I never understood what fans expect in terms of crowd noise. Are you supposed to scream your head off for the roughly 2 and half hours you are sitting in your seat in the Garden? You'll give yourself an aneurysm doing that. Of course there are times during games when the crowd gets into it (big fight, goal, saves, hits, etc), but there are also down times when nothing is really happening and you just watch. In fact, I enjoy those times watching the game live...being able to hear the sound of the puck hitting the stick blades on crisp passes or the boom when a hard shot hits the goalies pads, followed by the "ooohhhh".

Rangers fans are knowledgeable enough about the game not to have to scream their heads off for 2+ hours, and know exactly when to bring the noise, and when its that time, few arenas can match the electricity you feel at MSG.

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