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04-19-2011, 12:26 AM
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when i was a kid, i was fortunate enough to live right by a school. basically right in my backyard. so a few of the neighbourhood kids would haul a net out there to the parking lot or courtyard and start playing. other kids would just sort of come out of the woodwork. there was pretty much always a set of street hockey goal pads that would get brought out and whoever wanted to would take turns being goalie.

i recall playing a lot of 'clear' where both 'teams' shoot on the same net, and have to take the ball across some set 'line' and bring it back in to 'switch ends'.

also if there were only a few kids, i remember playing some sort of shootout game. like 'first to 10' or whatever. and whoever lost had to go in net for the next round.

there was also a lot of just taking shots at nets in driveways...even fairly steep ones. kinda handy in that you can shoot on the net, and then the ball just rolls back down and you can shoot again. lol.

don't recall playing with my dad at street hockey though. that was more for the winter on the rinks.

those orange 'street hockey balls' were all the rage when nobody was playing goal. but always tennis balls when someone was in net though. probably good for hand-eye anyway.

and rollerblades definitely made things more fun and exciting, but also a lot more dangerous. lol.

man that was a long time ago. i'm sort of surprised at how much i remember. good times. those really were the days, lol.

funniest thing i remember was people 'being players' when we were really young. like, 'i'm gretzky' or 'i call bure' and stuff. so hilarious and weird thinking back.

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