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04-19-2011, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
Well, I don't see any reason not to just repost what I said in the other thread where you posted this (horribly inaccurate) picture of yours.

"Blindside, made up of the two words "blind" and "side." Illuminating, no?

Assuming you have learned what the word "side" means...
"Blind" here refers to what the player cannot see based on the position of his head or has no means of expecting.

The pass came from Seabrook's right. His head turned from a position of about 60 degrees right (do you know your angles?) to a position perpendicular to the boards just as he got hit.
Considering how fast the game moves, Seabrook never had anything close to enough time to process that Torres was even near him.

So, let's review.
Seabrook, for the duration of the play, was looking to the RIGHT. He got hit from the LEFT.

Look at that! It was a blindside hit after all.

Go away, honestly. There's just no talking to some 'Nucks fans. There are a few on here that are fair and that I respect, but sadly they are not in the majority.
Have fun with the rest of your team's playoffs, however long they may last."
I'm not sure why people keep insisting this is blind-side and don't just look at the rules.

Video on headshots that are illegal V legal sent to NHL GMs:

2:53, an example of a legal shoulder-check to the head.

As it is described "the player skating north south has to be aware of where he is and who is on the ice..."

The NHL has also made it clear that coming around behind the net is considered a "north-south" situation.

Even if you want to argue it was POC on the head by the NHLs Rule 48 mandate it was a legal headshot.

The NHL also made it clear it wasn't charging or directed at the head from the review they went over (Torres stopped skating and coasted into the hit from well away, pulled his arms in before the hit).

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