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Originally Posted by enforcersrule View Post
And what term would that be? I didn't mention any "terms" so I'm honestly not certain what you're talking about.

As for "crying" and it being a "clean hit" - why do the majority of the league's GM's disagree on it being a clean hit? The fact that he was PENALIZED for the hit and the fact that Seabrook never touched the puck - NO, it was NOT a clean hit.

Take off the homer glasses.

On that account alone, it was not a "clean" hit. Torres never made a play for the puck and instead steamrolled a guy who never saw him coming AND who never touched the puck. Perhaps you need an education on what constitutes a "clean" hit?
No it was not a "clean" hit if you include interference making it not clean. There was clear interference...and he got a penalty for it.

When you look at the is a clean hit in terms of what is and isnt suspendable..then it is totally clean. Shoulder to head...and not a blindside hit.
Seems pretty cut and dry to me :S

I do wanna say that Torres maybe didnt respect Seabrook...and if Seabrook lines up Torres and drills him shoulder to head north south type be by the sword you die by the sword

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