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04-19-2011, 03:17 AM
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Brewer and Roloson sould be taken care of first as UFAs. Brewers been our best defensemen and Roloson has been awesome as our starter. With Ohlund and Kubina showing signs of regression this year, it's important Brewer is signed, and I now that we know what Roli can do, I don't want to take my chances signing someone else because he's the real deal.

I would also like to resign Bergenheim, Hall, and Jones. Shouldn't be a problem as they have played their roles well here and shouldn't be too expensive. They might just be role players, but I would like to keep the majority of the 2010-11 team together for next season and just upgrade from there. It's important to keep these guys together because of the chemistry and bonds with each other they share.

Smitty and MAB can walk. I'd like Tik and Desjardins to battle for #2/#3 on the depth chart and see if one can someday be Roli's successor. Smittys been fine as a backup, but we have to think about the future here.

RFAs- Lock up Lundin, Stammer, and Purcell. I'd like Smaby back too. Maybe I just have a hard time of letting him go, but I always wonder if he really has hit his peak or if he just needs more playing time/games to get going again. He would be defenseman #8 though. Maybe he's better off somewhere else.

As for Gagne, it's tough. If money is right, bring him back. Even if he isn't the scorer he use to be, he's still a darn good player and the added depth really makes a difference. Selfishly I do want Richie back. Other options are to save the dough and test Purcell as a top 6 and add a rookie like Ashton/Harju/Wright/B. Jones/Panik/Ritola....guess we'll have to see how this all plays out.

As for minor leaguers, I'd like to keep Jones, Harju, Desjardins, and Durno. I think they all have a good shot at making the team or being the callups. After them, let Norfolk sign who they want to stay competitive, although they could get help from new comers Landry, Panik(will be signed), Ashton, Johnson, Zahn(could get a contract) and even Hutchings, or if others are signed and added.

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