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04-19-2011, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by lstcyr View Post
Not to belabor the issue and I understand that this is a private board and I agreed to the rules but I've never understood why the secrecy around complaints. Any light you can shed on why this was set up this way?
Don't want to derail the thread and I can't speak for how the board was set up years before I arrived, but IMO, when moderator decisions/actions are posted on the forums it can derail a thread, create a mob mentality, and/or become an abusive environment.

Generally speaking most complaints can be addressed better by discussing it directly with a moderator or poster in a PM where the two parties can directly address each other and not have to deal with the influence of the rest of the community.

Unfortunately, I think last night the thread was having a legitimate discussion before a visitor started in with the "babe thread" comments. Once that comment was out there though others started parroting those comments and eventually pictures popped up. It's a grey area that generally is stopped before it gets going, but just as with the "broken window" theory, once that first window is broken the rest of them seem to follow soon after.

Anyways, back to the discussion. If you'd like to discuss this further I'd be happy to do so in a PM later this evening. Have fun with the topic, but keep it in good tastes.

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