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04-19-2011, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by namttebeid View Post
I have Seabrook ahead of PK. He's going to be 29 years old and most likely still paired with Keith. Why would you break them up?

Anyways, I did my own team and was going to post it but did a search first to see if anyone else had, this was the first to come up. Yes I am a Leaf fan...yes I chose Schenn over PK as the 7th Dman but I did pick him as a sub if that means anything.

I've included their ages as well. You'll notice that there are a couple of guys that are 21/22 but will have 3.5 years in the league by the time we have to go into soulless Russia.

Taylor Hall 22 Sydney Crosby 26 John Taveres 23
Matt Duchene 23 Ryan Getzlaf 29 Corry Perry 29
Steve Stamkos 24 Eric Staal 29 Rich Nash 29
Milan Lucic 25 Jon Toews 25 Mike Richards 29

Sub: Jeff Skinner 21

Tyler Myers 24 Drew Doughty 24
Kris Letang 26 Shea Weber 28
Duncan Keith 30 Brent Seabrook 29
Luke Schenn 24

Sub: PK Subban 24

Marc-Andre Fleury 29
Carry Price 26
Roberto Luongo 35

Go ahead, pick away at it. Remember though I like PK, he's from Toronto, I wish he didn't play for you guys. Being a Hab has nothing to do my decision.

I'm also going to post this on the gen boards.
I really feel like this is about as homer as it gets, remember this is on international Ice where speed and quickness rule the day. Subbans faster more creative offensively and leading a team whose in the playoffs in ice time. I don't even see how it's possible if things continue in this pattern how Luke schenn can be considered better then subban.

Also if Price goes deep once into the playoffs by 2014 like stanley cup or conference finalsx2 I think fleury doesn't even get a look at starting

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