Thread: Larry Brooks: Rangers to offer Gilroy an extension
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04-19-2011, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
People need to remember one thing when it comes to V-Tank.

No matter how many very good plays a D makes, he is never better then the "gap-controll" (I love that word, just learned it recently) he exhibits.

There is a big difference in the game today in this regard compared to say 15-20 years ago. D's used to give forward time and forward used to give D's time. You saw much more clean 1 on 1 battles. Today D's stay at a certain distance from a forward, really only pressures the forward when he shoots the puck. We have seen it hundreds of times with players like JJ or Gabby going up against a D who just skates into their own net almost, but then when they snip the puck, the D's step up and trys to block it. Before the D's stepped up on the forwads much earlier, and could either take him down or get beaten clean 1 on 1. How do you beat a D 1 on 1 that's always 6-9 feets away from you?

In this regard, V-Tank is still unpolished. He is a mobile skater and he is a good hitter and he is a good shot-blocker. But he is a much more tenacious D then Torts likes, or most (all?) other coaches in this league likes nowadays. Sure, nobody minds a hit. But a D must be really good at keeping that distance from the forward, and thightening the space. The D should at all times be so far from the forward that the forward can't accelerate and skate around him, but he should always be so close that he can go down and block a shot effectively.

Forwards in the game today, like the Sedins, like Bäckstörm, like Towes, they are fantastic at taking advantage of ice if they get it. They aren't magic stickhandlers like JJ, Kovalev and co, but give them a bit of open ice, and they will take advantage of it extremely well.
Good points mentioned but i do think a guy like V-tank can learn that system and not only that when given the free space to go make a hit or create a play will prob do it with more energy and tenacious play than Gilroy brings. I think V-tank will offer more of a complete game than Eminger also in terms of skating and agility.

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