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08-10-2005, 10:08 AM
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First, Agatha Christie never wrote a bad novel. I think I can say this with some certainty and would be backed up in any English Department in the world. I don't have a link. Although the 10 Little Indians thing kinda fits the dispersal of clumbsy cement-headed brawlers to other teams

Second, the ribcage injury that Anson Carter had was debilitating in the professional sports context. Hitting, shooting and even breathing were affected.

Third, if we want to beat this up in total, why did we get the guy who was injured. This is the most questionable deal of the last 3 years. Did Andy catch Aulin dressed in a tutu? Did Allison just want to diversify his "posse"?

Fourth, I have more problems with his alleged off ice performance than the lack of production on ice. Although I think an arguement can be made that the two are inextricably linked.

I know that we're passionate, in extremis, about the Kings and that we all dream of that nitro burning, over-sexed, wheeling and dealing, killer offense, and that shutdown, brutally strict, crease clearing defense that can score at will, and we would love to have the instant justice of the all-powerful enforcer provides so that the emotional roller coaster, that is this sport, delivers perfect and sublime satisfaction from every minute we spend on it. But I don't think that I've ever had those feelings for more than a period once or twice a decade. We do have forwards now who can protect themselves and score goals, a stiff and tough defensive crew, and several guys who can be off the ice serving majors for fighting and skate a shift on a regular basis. We might just have one of those totally dominating moments this year.

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