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10-14-2003, 06:46 PM
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I don't respect anyone that rips Jagr and his heart. He's been through more then most of you fat nerds can even imagine.
Fat nerd? Speak for yourself, slappy.

This spoiled buffoon hasn't been through a thing. He makes a bajillion dollars and could buy all of his friends houses and set them all up for life over here if he wanted to. You think this guy is suffering?

You don't know what real suffering is if you think that.

He's being paid as a guy who dominates games and piles up huge points. That's one reason why Washington gave him all that dough. And it's been a miserable failure, since he hasn't dominated or put kiesters in the seats. Total bust.

Where is the mighty mullet? Where is the motivation?

He needs a change of scenery. If fired up and in a better environment (like a better team, for instance), this guy is still capable of being the premier offensive player in the league IMO. Besides Mario.

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