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04-19-2011, 07:59 PM
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Long deals for sports properties is basically the industry standard now, for example see every college football property deal made recently or that will be made in the hear future (Texas Longhorn network, PAC 12 contract, Big XII contract, etc.).
Only as long as the league wants to make it. My point is that we've been told for a couple decades now that the only thing preventing the NHL from competing for a massive national broadcast contract is the lack of a national footprint. These things take time, we were told. So is the culmination of the master plan--- $200 MM in the US? For an entire decade? No one expects the NHL's value or ratings to increase significantly for TEN yrs?

Please keep in mind that there are six teams in Canada, as you know, and the NHL has two national contracts there (excluding RDS) that are valued for almost the same amount of money per annum.

I fail to see this as some great moral victory.

Originally Posted by chances14 View Post
agreed. fsd also signed 10 year contract in 08 to broadcast tigers, pistons, and wings game
Yes, but.... The Wings are getting $30 MM for their regional broadcast rights. One team and they receive 1/6th-ish of what the entire NHL can muster in the US.

More importantly though, when the FSD contract was negotiated, did they figure on being able to carry playoff games in their region? Just think how pissed off you would be if you'd paid for those rights only to have the league come and pull the rug out from under you. They have the first round available to them, unless NBC claims one of those games (which they always do) and then they're done. Second round and on all goes to the national rights holder.

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