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Originally Posted by Velociraptor View Post
I find it funny how this went unnoticed for such a long time, I don't know if administrators have access to posters Internet Service Provider addresses. If they do, they must've missed it totally. Or VanI must have used 4 different unsuspicious IP addresses.

The sad thing is, that the former commissioner of the ATD had rigged the game from the start of ATD12. I know he explained he went BPA for all of ZM's picks, which means there was no real purpose or chemistry on any of his teams. But the fact that he controlled four different teams and accounts is a real smack in the face, especially for all of us who are here for fun. That's some awful collusion. I just hope the ATD can continue to progress without it being such a mockery. If he wanted these points across, he just should have incessantly stressed them. He didn't have to try to overrule the system, which will most likely ultimately end up as the end of his run on HFBoards ATD.

Too bad.
Oh, I absolutely expect that he will never be allowed to participate in any future ATD under any capacity ever again, and I am quite certain that his IP address will be very closely tracked, since he wasn't outright banned. Unfortunately, if he moves somewhere else, his IP address will be different, and he can come back and, as long as he doesn't give himself away, get back into it pretty easily. The ATD community is generally very accepting of new people, and this sometimes may work against us.

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