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Originally Posted by ReenMachine View Post
maybe we should only accept new GM with some hfboards past that are known by at least one of the forum on the site like the lounge or their team board.
I would approve of this. It is unfortunate, but may have to be done.

Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
There has only been Zamboni Mania and The Sabre as socks. The mods have found both of them and merged them into the original.

The last 6 years has been great.

From first joining ATD2 in 2005 to being the one to suggest regular season rankings and playoff match-ups based on them, to developing the MLDs as a freestanding entity rather than just a couple of extra rounds at the end, to the AAA, AA and Undrafted threads. I have put thousands of hours into this board and have gotten a lot out of it. Whenever I have ran the drafts I have made sure to get outsiders to tally the votes. I added ZM in ATD11 as a stop gap measure to reach the desired team total, and when a replacement wasn't found, it just took off from there, but the best players available were drafted, as far as deemed so. The Sabre was to help get to 40 and then became a substitute for VI when VI needed a break from any responsibility or expectations. Only The Sabre had a team in the ATD 2011 draft, though make up picks late were made by the other two, BPAs it was thought. Perhaps a building ought to have been drafted. Anyways, the integrity of the drafts hasn't suffered much if one examines the details. Banning VanIslander may be your way of cleansing the board of all taint. If so, so be it. Certainly there are no more socks around, as the mods have made it clear they can and did catch them, merging them, as you can see. I assume they all had the same IP address. I certainly did nothing more than open a new account using one of my other email accounts as reference, not hiding and thus eventually found by the mods.

That's that.
Regardless of your intentions, what you did was wrong on many levels. Instead of rigging the draft to reach your own goals (and don't try to call it anything else), you should have swallowed your pride and accepted what was there to work with. Everyone but you (and I guess seventies) was fine with less than 40 teams, and everyone would have been fine with less than whatever the amount of teams ZM made the last couple of drafts out to be. Don't expect sympathy from me.

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