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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Has VI always been Zamboni Mania, or did he just take over recently? ZM has been around for a while, so if they've always been the same person, that's a big problem.

Didn't The Sabre have quite a few posts when he joined this ATD? That means VI either took over that account or he had been using it for a while.

I know Dwight came up before, and he was cleared because he's from LeafsChat..... but how do we know VI doesn't have accounts on that message board as well? He could very well be some of the posters who have come over.

Not a single GM here can be cleared....
IP addresses can clear them. At the very least, you can tell the location an IP address came from. VI has largely been overseas, so if an IP address originated from the USA, for example, it is obviously not him. Somehow I doubt that Dwight is VI on Leafschat, however.. to my knowledge, T-Kabs/Zad has been around for ages.

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