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04-19-2011, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Iplayhockehh View Post
15, 5"7. Im still growing and my dad and brother are 5"10 and 5"11 and a half respectively. I weight 105 pounds... which seriously holds me back in hockey, however I have muscles for some reason.
What level are you trying to get to?

Pro usually starts at 16 and sorry to tell you but at 15 I was 6'2 and 165ish(really lanky) and was considered too small. Now at 17 I'm 6'3.5 and 215.

I really advise a lot of balance, for me the secret was 2 hours of working out(diff parts daily) followed by a 30 min break and than 45 mins of cardio. I would usually swim, run, bike, or roller blade with a stick dekeing a tennis ball around for the cardio part.

Most important thing for me was finding a partner. Make sure he is about the same size as you and is looking for similar results. Motivation is what keeps you going, and doing this alone every day is boring as h**l

Hard work but it paid off. Starting pro this summer

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