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04-19-2011, 10:03 PM
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Thanks guys I figured I wasn't too bad but wanted to get a general opinion.

If you're very nonchalant about everything, then fine, you're doing a good job.
But if you're setting guys up (like you say you are), and the whenever you're out there the puck is 90% on your stick the whole time, and you skate through the other team as if they're not there (even if you don't get a point), it can still be considered sandbagging.

I can definitely see it from the other side like this: if there's a player that's not that good, but he's on his first breakaway, no one on your dad's team can catch him, but you catch him in a few strides and strip him of the puck. That would be disheartening to anyone playing in that low of a skill level.
The guys look for me obviously, but very rarely will I ever carry it zone-zone (my zone to the neutral zone). Looking at it from the other sides, I can definitely say I've broken up scoring chances, but never completely chased down a guy as hard as I could just to stop him. If someone is close enough and I can stop him I will, but like I mentioned in my OP I like to avoid attention out there so stuff like that and scoring nice goals I kinda avoid.

If you want to play with your buddies and it's "all in fun", bring them up to your level instead of dropping down to theirs. After all, you won't mind losing at the higher level because it's all in the fun of playing with your buds, right?
Playing with my dad is different, they've played together around 10 years I think and slowly made the decline from C-E level. Playing with my buddies in C is a lot more competitive for me. Playing in E probably helps me with little things like ice vision/passing/stickhandling in regards to going back to the level I play in winter.

The fact that you asked the question about yourself without it being chirped at you by the other team tells me you're not a sandbagger.

As somebody else mentioned it could affect your game unless you're also playing on another, more competitive team but that's a decision for you to make. On the other hand playing down could make you a more complete player -- you can work on skills and facets of your game at E level that you'd never attempt in a faster tempo game for fear of creating a breakaway for the other team.

Just wondering -- do you feel like you have to behave more than normal in playing with your dad? Seems like there would be times you'd want to cut loose, either on the ice or off. As great as it is to share the team experience with your dad you might feel the need to play away from him at times.
I've only had 1 team openly dislike me and chirp me, I had a goal and an assist and got hauled down on a half breakaway. In my mind I was hoping it was just a penalty and not a penalty shot but of course he gave me a penalty shot. Pretty sure every guy on the bench was calling me superstar or crosby, so needless to say when I didnt score they really enjoyed that. I gave the ref a hard time (jokingly) about the call .

As for playing with my dad, its awesome and the best bonding we've ever experienced. When the beers came out and I was under 19 he'd look the other way if I had one, he treats me just like any of his other buddies when were at the rink pretty much and its awesome. I hope I could have the opportunity to experience it if i have a son when the time comes from the other perspective as well.

I like the reference to the Pink Lung lol sounds alot more suitable.

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