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04-19-2011, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
Not to belittle the time we have all spent on it, but really?

We're talking about a fantasy draft on a web forum. The only people who care about the integrity and reputation of the draft are the same people who are participating.

If you want to be outraged save it for someone who deserves it like the guys on Wall Street who just finished taking the world to the cleaners.

I just think that, with the amount of time that has been spent over the years by many people on this project, and the progression that that has been made, to some people, the ATD is more than just a "fantasy draft". It is a tangible embodiment of the work that has been put into figuring out the history of hockey. I can see how some people that have been involved in this could be really upset, regardless of how far VI's teams have gone in the draft, and ANY plans to ever make the draft an "official" anything beyond some imaginary fantasy league would have basically been set back a very long time. Moreover, VI violated forum rules, at least as far as I'm aware at least. I know of some other forums where what VI has done would have come with an auto perma ban on his IP address (and, in some really nasty cases, on his entire domain), not just his username. Smurfing can be a very damaging act, you know.

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