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04-19-2011, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Am I the only GM who just finds this hilarious?
You guys can kick me out too for this comment, but the bickering in this thread has just made my day after a certain hockey game.

Seriously, a guy creates a fake account so he can enjoy the ATD without all the drama he had to deal with as commissioner, and now that he's caught, he gets "exiled" from the board? Really? I've always openly been at VanI's side until the end, but I think it's ridiculous to see the Colin Campbell wannabes declaring life time bans...yo, this is the guy that was forced out of this draft, and had a hand in the end in four teams. Good work, ATD police.

My two cents for whatever its worth is that no team with any association to VanI should be allowed to have a vote, and maybe VanI shoudn't comment on any series'. But him single handedly ruining the "integrity of the ATD"? That's ridiculous. As controversial as this will be, the integrity of the ATD was tarnished when every original GM but Leaf Lander (who is a trooper) opted out before this point. It's still a great pass time and learning experience, but IMO some of the comments in this thread are over the top. Probably include this one with it.

edit: I do agree though that it is incredibly ironic, hilarious, and fitting all at the same time that VanI was the biggets advocate of getting this board out of the Fantasy section. Nope.

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