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04-20-2011, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by sw1tch View Post
amazing how many people are critisizing Murray. This 1 lies heavily on the players collapse
Everyone is no doubt culpable. Too much blame will be put on Murray but he's the head honcho. He's in charge of every player. If someone isn't doing their job, he's supposed to hold them accountable. If they're all not doing their job, try and do something to change that, i.e. call a timeout, goalie change, throw a tantrum to get their attention, etc.

I can't fathom why Murray didn't call a timeout though. Like Herby said...he's willing to call a timeout last game when we're up 4-0 and the game is about to end but he won't do it tonight when we're imploding while giving up a 4 goal lead? Sure, it might not have done anything but it's indefensible why he didn't even try. Why not call a timeout when it's clear the players aren't even playing the system he likes and subscribes to either? We're were running around playing a game of shinny out there in the 2nd and he seemed fine with it.

I'm not a Murray fan by any stretch but he deserves blame too. They all collectively blew it. Frustrating to watch it unfold.

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