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04-20-2011, 02:02 AM
I voted for Kodos
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Ok, I guess I'll give my take on the situation:

1) I find it pretty funny, and this is coming from somebody who loves the ATD and takes it pretty seriously as a historical project. But still...a little ******* sock-puppeteering always adds flavor. Reminds me of the old wild west days of the HockeysFuture boards where users could just change their names with every post (of course, we also had our IP addresses displayed for all to see right under our posts and few people knew how to use proxies at that point).

2) I don't think the integrity of the ATD has been seriously compromised. VanI's teams were always sort of wild and experimental, and I truly believe that he has always cared much more about the history of the sport than about winning the Milt Dunnell Cup. I see no reason to believe that his ************* has actually affected the outcomes of the drafts in which his socks have been involved, but then again chaos theory would suggest otherwise (ie. removing VanI's socks would have had a huge snowball effect even if he wasn't trying to cheat).

3) This makes me feel even worse about winning the Milt Dunnell Cup in ATD#11, which I already felt was sort of like the special olympics given how little participation we had by the end. I view my championship in that draft as sort of like New Jersey's Cup in the strike year.

4) The only thing that really pisses me off about VanI's behavior is the absurd little bit of theatre he put on during the discussions about trading - the upshot of which is of course the monstrous three trade rule compromise we had to live with through ATD 2011. I find that whole episode, in retrospect, quite pathetic.

5) I suggest we table all discussion of VanI at this point and simply exclude him from the voting in this draft. I am sure that eventually we'll let him back in one of these things, but there is no use now trying to predict when we'll be ready to take that step. Better to leave it for future discussions.

6) Now it makes sense to me why a pair of "rookie" GMs would take Hugh Lehman when they did. I was waiting on Lehman, myself, and was positively shocked to see him go at that point to that team. It probably would have changed nothing as I wasn't going to take a goalie before Lehman went, anyway, but not knowing who I was dealing with in The Sabre definitely affected how I thought certain picks would go. So much the better, though, as my research on Hugh Lehman indicates that he was maybe the single biggest playoff choker of all-time.

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