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04-20-2011, 02:15 AM
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As regards the tripple lefties 5 on 3 question.

Besides that we could have shifted McBacon and Gabby, we had the perfect setup.

A righty at LW. A leftie at LD. A leftie at RD. Impossible to defend against.

The LW and LD moves the puck back and forth between each other. With a 3-man box, you will either have two guys high or two guys low. If they have two guys high, the LW gets a 2, or even 3, on 1 around the net. If they have two guys low, Gabby and McB gets a 2 on 1 at the points.

Now, if the PK box only have 1 guy high, but that guy takes away the passinglane between Gabby and McB, you still get a one-timer option when the LW passes the puck to the LD. Gabby could have one-timed it off a pass from the LW. If you have a righty and a lefty at the blueline, the PKers just shut down the passing lane, and none of them can onetime it.

Our 5 on 3 sucked because Gabby didn't do the right things. The Caps did a good job, they left us with one great option only, Gabby passing to McBacon for a onetimer, but Gabby did not utilize that option and it turned to pancakes. I imagine that Torts were pretty upset with him. We had a classic text-book setup, got a designed result from it, but refused to use the option we had planned.

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