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04-20-2011, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Yeah, there's no way something like this could slip past them all.... oops!
What I'm saying is, this will never happen again, with us having been through this once.

And I don't feel bad for myself or the other mods for not catching it sooner. the only way we would have, is by checking everyone's IPs. We're volunteers and we're not that serious.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Now I see why VI always let noobs with 1 post join even after others questioned whether it was a good idea. Lol. I'm out at a bar and still can't get over how hilarious this is. I mean, the ZM persona has been in the ATD as longnas I have and I never thought anything about him except quits too easily in the face of criticism (basically the opposite of VI who will argue to the end). Lol, well played seriously.
Yeah, I trashed many a ZM pick over the years and never really heard a thing back about it. Was he just a testing ground to see how GMs perceived certain picks?

I recall ZM picked Randy Burridge in AAA11. VI then banged his head against the wall for overlooking him for so long.

I wonder if there were other odd incidents like this. I kept thinking back to things like that, and thinking, "see, you're crazy, they are clearly different people, there has to be an explanation for this."

The MLD11 voting was wacky too. I was fortunate enough to get Tom Barrasso because no one wanted his surly attitude as a backup in the ATD. Then and now, I think he was clearly the best player in the MLD. I think all the voting reflected that. But ZM left Barrasso out of his top-5, and Kono actually ended up winning top goalie and player honours. I chalked it up to a noob with some sort of bias against Barrasso, but oddly... it was VI. VI had mentioned to me towards the end of the ATD that the BPA was definitely a goalie. We were thinking of the same goalie.

Also, during ATD11 I think ZM called out EB as being part of an "old boys club" in the ATD, getting votes on reputation or something to that effect.

For a chuckle, when Dave Schultz was taken in MLD11 by ZM, I listed his position as "goon", just to see if anyone would even notice. I quickly got a PM from VI about the disrespect.

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