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04-20-2011, 04:12 AM
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So...back to "hockey"...can anyone tell me what our plan is for reseeding of the division winners after the conclusion of the divisional playoffs? I'm guessing the seeding will go by regular season divisional ranking with regular season total vote score as the first tiebreaker and regular season first place votes as the second tiebreaker.

Does this sound about right? I haven't heard any concrete plan as to how we plan on running this reseeding thing (which I think is an interesting idea, at any rate), and would like to get it nailed down before the playoffs start. One thing that concerns me somewhat - is the reseeding going to be inter-conference or intra-conference? If we just reseed all of the division winners into a single new pool, then the conferences are rendered completely irrelevant, which I think is a poor idea. I think it would be better to re-seed the division winners of one conference into a four team bracket and do the same with the other conference - with the winners of each bracket meeting in the finals. This would preserve the assumption about the meaning of the conferences that most of us made at the beginning of the draft while allowing for re-seeding after the divisional round.

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