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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Why all the hyperbole, jarek? Does anyone still fret about the Black Socks scandal that rocked major league baseball? The word never is almost never appropriate, in any context.
Way to ignore the rest of my post. I did mention the situations weren't entirely comparable, and I doubt the effects will trickle down all that much in the end. It is, however, a black mark on the ATD, that much is clear.

Yes, of course. The snowball effect of simply having those teams in the draft cannot properly be accounted for. Those teams were not particularly good, however, and I don't think his presence invalidates the results of those drafts. Had VanI won or gotten deep into the playoffs, perhaps knocking off potential winners, then we would have a big problem...but he never did. This is rather like point-shaving scandals in modern pro sports. Yes, it affected the results, and the consequences of those actions and consequences of those consequences obviously had an effect on the eventual outcomes, but the effect was probably fairly small. Invalidating all results since ATD#11 would be a draconian overreaction, in my opinion. If anything, VanI's double presence in those drafts made constructing a championship team harder than it would have been had his socks been actual rookie GMs. I actually remember being surprised at the quality of ZM's "first" entry in ATD#11. Had VanI actually argued for that team, it might have gone somewhere.
I'm gonna be honest, I think the effects of VI's presence in these other ATDs were more profound than you are suggesting. Looking at least at his ATD 2010 team, there are some players there that could have really helped others in their quest for a championship, certainly some of the depth players at least. Those ATDs would have went completely different.

Most people don't overthink things in this way, though. At this point, I think the ATD has enough dignity that it will survive this shock without any major hiccups. A repeat of 40 teams was probably not in the cards, anyway, and I really don't think we'll have a participation problem going back to 32 teams, which is a better number to begin with (easiest to resolve in an "everybody in" playoff system and closest to the size of the real NHL). I think this incident is probably more off-putting to veteran GMs than it is to rookies. I'm pretty annoyed to think that we've had Josef Goebbels running this thing for a couple of years now, but I don't see why a rookie GM would be so bothered by such a past incident. Everyone knows the internet is a **** show, anyway.
It will survive - just expect more people to take the way of Mr Bugg, and unless every post regarding this matter get deleted, other new people will be able to see what happened themselves, and decide for themselves whether or not they want to participate in the draft. Some will decide not to. I think it'll be challenging to get to 32 teams the next couple of drafts.

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