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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
I've known Zamboni Mania fo
As long as there are no other GMs posting from Asia, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. I want every GM's IP looked into before they are cleared though.
Hopefully, you don't count Australia as 'Asia', or else I'm in trouble!


I guess I'll venture and give my thought on this whole situation.

First of all, it's quite sad, because I thought highly of ZM teams of ATD#11, while always been a great fan of Nighthawks' teams. I thought the Sabres' team was fantastic, most of the selection was magnificent for a rookie GM. I guess it was too good to be true.

Reading every post, I'm in between the 'laissez-aller' of 70's and overpass and the the rigidity of Jarek. I'll put this point by point:

1) First of all, the situation is very hilarious as TDMM pointed out. I'm definitely not offended by what happened. I'm in Australia, the life is great, the girls are beautiful. It's the Internet, let's not make it a bigger deal than it should be.

2) We already had this little discussion one week ago, but the ATD is a fun experience first and foremost. Yes, it is indeed sad and a little pathetic that a person would go this far for his Internet amusement.

3) We definitely had are ups and down between us, but I always had great respect in the knowledge and the dedication of VanI. His knowledge alone and research he brings alone should carry alot of weight into keeping him around

4) The ATD is only the ATD, but I always felt it was one of the best thing the Internet had to offer to me and definitely the best HFBoards had to offer. HFBoards and the ATD cover 90% of my time on the Internet. We have to respect how highly each individual view the ATD as an entity. Some GM's just select players without arguing, some takes some time to research and argue, some are hardcore fans and some ... well ... Anyway, I respect the opinion on Jarek and how disgusted he is about the situation. Although I don't necessarily 100% agree with it, I'm kind of sad and also a little bit angry that such a great GM like VanIslander decide to play such a childish and 'teenager' like game of the 'advancement' of the All-Time Draft. If he had done all this for gaining a competitive edge, at least we could have brushed it behind immaturity, but as I truly believe it was really for the advancement and the good measure of the ATD, I feel VanIslander really got a problem that perhaps goes beyond the Internet. Really, what was he thinking? And the worst is that he played that game for several years.

5) I was the commisioner in ATD#11 and I was one of two GM collecting the results for the regular season and the playoffs. I still own a excel copy of the regular season voting and the first two round of playoffs. In the way I tabulated the results, I cannot be conclusive for whom ZM/VanIslander voted for in the regular season. However, I know for whom VanIslander voted in the first round of playoffs. In the matchup between the Detroit Red Wings (Spitfire11) and the Colorado Avalanches (ZamboniMania), he voted for the Avalanches in 7 games. It didn't changed the results, as the Red Wings won anyway, but honestly this bother me alot

There's other issues in here, but I don't want to go on and on and losing too much time on this. My personal opinion goes like this: although obviously this is something very insignificant in the grand scheme of all our lives, it's still remain an important issue on the ATD. I still don't get my head around someone who I thought was a professor in some foreign country do that kind of thing. Obviously, any of VanI or his clone shouldn't participate in any discussion/voting until the end of this draft. Like some poster like Sturminator pointed out, we shouldn't rush into a verdict on this situation, we probably should talk about it after the champion is crown. One thing is sure is that we should take our time and make the right decision.


With all that, I don't have time to send my votes today, is it okay if I do so in 20 hours?

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