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04-20-2011, 05:12 AM
I voted for Kodos
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Originally Posted by Boy Wonder View Post
I'm gonna be honest, I think the effects of VI's presence in these other ATDs were more profound than you are suggesting. Looking at least at his ATD 2010 team, there are some players there that could have really helped others in their quest for a championship, certainly some of the depth players at least. Those ATDs would have went completely different.
Yes, but VanI only had one team in ATD#10. It's not surprising that he drafted some useful players; he has always been a good GM. It is apparently in ATD#11 that he started with the happy socks.

It will survive - just expect more people to take the way of Mr Bugg, and unless every post regarding this matter get deleted, other new people will be able to see what happened themselves, and decide for themselves whether or not they want to participate in the draft. Some will decide not to. I think it'll be challenging to get to 32 teams the next couple of drafts.
Then so be it. If we go back to twenty teams, we won't have to discuss Pierre Turgeon anymore.

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