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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
Are they targeting Green's head? I highly doubt the Rangers would endorse such a strategy considering their captain has had multiple concussions in his career.

Are they targeting Green in other ways? For sure. Avery has thrown Green off his game in the past. I'm sure they are trying to rattle him, whether it be through yapping or getting physical with him.
I concur. That said, it's seems to me every year the NHL will get more dangerous. There are big collisions in every playoff series this season, with a few suspensions already in only the first round.

With the way the game is being taught and played, it should surprise nobody concussions are on the rise. Hard forechecking is the #1 policy of every team in the NHL these days, especially in the playoffs. Get in on the D-men, separate them from the puck or force them to turn it over. If we examine what this entails, it's clear concussions will be even more prevelant. Forecheckers skate harder and faster to reach the D. D-men are taught to sacrifice their bodies to make a play, move the puck or block a shot. The result, bigtime collisions which we are seeing today.

As much as the NHL is trying to crack down on blindside hits, the speed of the game and the way it is taught,... will only guarrantee more such injuries. Green, Seabrook, Lovejoy are only the tip of a continuing trend.

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