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04-20-2011, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by FolignoQuantumLeap View Post
Get Brust out of there. Lehner's turn.
Agreed, Brust has looked hurt since March. I think we toss the 19 yr old goalie into net in an elimination game!

Originally Posted by CodyBass View Post
Missing too many AHL defensemen.

Originally Posted by blair7 View Post
With all the fan support from Bingo fans tonight I thought they'd win for sure
Where are all the Ottawa fans who could have driven down to watch playoff hockey?

Originally Posted by toe2toe View Post
tell hale to take his skirt off and lace up the skates. suprise he is "hurt" when there is no chance of a call up. happened earlier in the season and he magically got better once the opportunity was there to get called up.
Yeah, I'm beginning to wonder the same thing. Maybe now that he has a kid, he just said, i'm done with hockey. Tough.

Originally Posted by TheBandWagon View Post
hey Ski/bingo fans who have watched more games than just these few playoff games:

what's your view on KK overplaying his top guys? I know through the year they were handicapped with lack of bodies, but it seems like he's been relying too much on his top D men lately. I know that's kind of unfair to say because of the injuries but do you think it's an issue with KK's coaching style where he tends to rely a little much on his top guys? just drunk speculation on my part
Alright, here's how this breaks down.

Bobby Butler has checked out. His mind is in Ottawa next season. Greening is tired, you can tell that, and Z.Smith is trying to make something happen.

We are NOT playing the OB/Condra/Daugavins line nearly enough. OB carried us into the playoffs on his back and he's getting like 7 mins of ice time. That's ********. K-Daugs had 4-5 really close shots at a goal last night at the beginning of the game, and worked his ass off and he was hardly on the ice in the third. Same with Condra. It's so frustrating.

The only line producing, Keller/Potulny/Wick. Actually Wick should be left off as well, he looks either tired or disinterested in playing again. I'm leaning towards being tired and beat down, because he still has wired a few shots in these games. Can't say enough about the need to resign both Keller and Potulny for B-Sens next season. Potulny is legit.

Dz/Bass/Grant, can't say enough praise about this line. The only line that shows ANY energy out there every shift. Throwing checks last night, trying to get things going, taking pucks away in the corners. This line is awesome as a shutdown checking/energy line. The one bright spot.

Bottom line here, is that I think the call-ups hurt these players from a fatigue factor. Either that, or they just don't give a crap. They seem to think that they can just stick handle and everything will be ok. They are rushing passes and not controlling play. For streaks at a time, they will make tape-to-tape passes and then a light switch goes off and they just start blindly tossing the puck around. It's a disaster out there.


We just don't have the players. Period. And Wiercioch is pissing me off big time. Patrick, if you read these forums, SHOOT THE DAMN PUCK. He must have had a standing order not to shoot last night because he'd much rather look to pass.

All of the D-men need to step up to the puck too. Way too many times they just let Manchester walk into the zone with the puck when they could have broken up a play. Back-checking was terrible.

Ok rant over for now.

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