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Originally Posted by Media Savvy Lee View Post
I don't about you guys, but after watching 24/7, I liked BB even more. Seems like a genuine, affable guy who speaks his mind. God forbid we have hockey coaches with personality. I mean, those Tom Renney pressers were sooooooooo interesting.

People on here actually calling him "classless" for dropping F-bombs, yet are advocating chants making fun of the guys weight....How funny is it going to be when the 300-pounders at MSG with fitted tucked-in Barry Beck jerseys take time out from their pizza and nachos to chant "We Want Ice Cream" or whatever the hell you guys want to chant.
I haven't read of anyone calling him classless for dropping f-bombs, it seems to me Rangers fans are angry about him blowing his mouth off about us. If anyone did say that it's been one person, regardless it doesn't apply to th general consensus as you attempt to make it appear that way.

The same people who complained about his language are the same ones who cheer on when Colton Orr knocked a guy out senseless or when Crosby got injured.
Please, as if nobody was concerned when they saw the guy was knocked out? When a guy lands a good punch, the crowd is going cheer, to deomonize the fans for what every other fan base does is just ridiculous.

And to the guys who are obsessed with calling Caps fans "bandwagoners" while basing a fan base's passion on how many bumper stickers they see within a 50-mile radius in Suburban DC, that has zero relevance to what Boudreau was saying.

Verizon Center is a loud building that is sold out every night for three years, and will continue to sell out.
Doesn't the bolded, well I don't know, prove the point? The past three years, you mean, when they actually started making the playoffs. It's easy to show passion when the team you're rooting for is actually good.

And no, it has not totally sold out the past three years, only the past two, when they have been the one seed. Even the season that they were the two seed they did not sell every game out, and the season before that their average attendance was 82.9% (27th in the league. So, the relevance is passion of the fans. Rangers fans have suffered for a majority of the time, and most of us here have stuck through it. To point out that they have a bandwagon is a fair point.

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