Thread: Confirmed with Link: Canucks sign free agent D Sebastian Erixon
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04-20-2011, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by stevecanuck16 View Post
Why can't we just enjoy a prospect for being a prospect on this site? Why do we have to pencil every guy we sign into the lineup ASAP?

Erixon will not crack the top 6 next year. I feel like I shouldn't even have to say this.
Because it is fun? And we'll see how the top 6 looks next year; it is many players who might disappear.

Besides, Erixon isn't exactly a young prospect, born 1989 and selected for the national team playing right now (might be bumped of the roster after the first round of the NHL play off though).

When it comes to Swedish players they have up until recently stayed in Sweden up until they get a shot in NHL (e.g.: Naslund, Sundin, Alfredsson, Forsberg, Lidstrom).

Now we got more and more prospects coming from for example Sweden who are real prospects, who need a year or two in AHL (e.g. Edler). But I would really like to point out that it isn't a rule that all players should go through AHL. A conditioning stint can be ok, talking games and not seasons.

A guy who have been good (some would say excellent) in SEL as Erixon (or Omark in KHL) and has reached the age of being a senior could without pass directly into NHL (we have some good examples mentioned above). If he does not succeed the odds are that he probably leave rather than stay in AHL (e.g. Andersson this season) as AHL isn't that much better an option than SEL or KHL anyway.

So with this said, I think that it is wise to not be rigid in the treatment of players. This is not a game about fairness (everyone should do a stint in the Manitoba Moose player's bus), it is about decision-making and evaluation and one way to deal with all players is nor decision-making or doing evaluations. Finally, no he might not make the top 6, but I do not see him playing a full season in AHL as sure-fire.

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