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04-20-2011, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Dantes19 View Post
I agree with you completely. A partnership with the UFC, a rapidly expanding brand, could potentially do a lot of good for the NHL.
Yep. This deal is just so ****ing good for the NHL in every way.

I was formerly entrenched in the GIVE US ESPN OR DEATH camp previously, but once the UFC jumped on Versus/NBC Sports, it became apparent that that would be the way to go for the NHL. Stay the course. NBC Sports will soon grow to an ESPN-like level.

Especially with the association of NBC to Versus. Changing the name will do WONDERS for the station. And showing loyalty like the NHL has will only help them in the future as NBC Sports expands. I would like to think they will show loyalty back to the NHL (you'd have to think they would, since the NHL is one of the main reasons that the channel has even taken off).

This is not only a great deal for today (money wise), but a great deal for the future (channel growing wise).

Anyone critical of this really is out to lunch here. I would understand it if Versus had shown no real rise and wasn't changing over to NBC Sports. But snagging the UFC and all the college sports they are getting into will help truly make this a great sports channel. I would be shocked if there was not a NBC Sports 2 channel in the next 10 years.

Everyone is getting tired of the redundant presentations of ESPN. It's been the same for years now. Versus has brought in fresh programming and a fresh style. Re-branding the channel is the final step to bring it into true competition with ESPN.

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