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04-20-2011, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueCollarBlueBlood View Post
If the helets are lighter, thinner, and less inner padding then the helmets of the 80's/90's. And the shoulder pads are bigger, stiffer, and have caps on the shoulders.

The why is the NHL playing dumb when it comes to concussions?

It's not the hits, it's not just the types of hits. It's the space aged equipment that the manufacturers are ramming down the league's throat.

The helmets today are no better then the jofa boom helmets of the 70's. There was a reason the NHL went away from those helmets the first time. Does the $$$ bottom line always have to win? do player lives count less then the all mighty dollar? Does our game have to suffer because of the money factor as well? When does it end?
That's an outright lie.

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