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Originally Posted by Highlands View Post
I grew up outside DC.
I see a lot of bandwagoners wearing Ovechkin/Caps shirts and stickers.
I can attest to the fact prior to 2008, I never, ever, in my 19 years in the area saw ONE car and maybe five people wearing Caps gear.
Not even in 1998 when they made finals.

I attended many Caps Rangers games and until 2008, it was always 50/50 (and in fact one game in 1999, the year after the Caps made the finals, they had maybe 12,000 fans at one early season game and it was 75% Rangers fans).

The Caps never drew, they had 10 buck tickets, many giveaways, and inflated attendance because PIT/NYR/PHI/DET and TOR/MON fans would buy blocks of tickets.
They never drew.

In the playoffs when the played the Pens they instituted a policy to block Pens fans out of buying tickets (didn't work).
The next season, they played Tampa in the playoffs, and didn't sell out one game.

I will never forget in 2003, after they lost at home, in front of 14,000 fans for a playoff game with players like Bondra/Jagr/Gonchar/Kolzig....their owner whined and cried to the Washington Post that he was heartbroken and livid over how poorly DC was in supporting the Caps.

That is the DC hockeytown I know and will never forget.
The had good teams in the 80s with Landway and Scott Stevens.
They had solid players like Bondra/Kolzig that many teams aspire to have, and the town ignored them.
This is what DC is, a horrible hockey town that likes to cry poverty and ask for a mulligan for ignoring the sport for 40 years when truth is, only when they have a superstar and "star power" of being a consistent team, then and only then, do they give a ****, and then the have the chuztpah to flaunt themselves as this "passionate" fanbase.

Give me a break.
They still need the scoreboard to instruct fans not only to make noise but also, explain icing and offsides.
DC is a phony bandwagon johnny come lately town.

2003 playoffs, game 6, 14,000 fans and their owner blames it on "passover" for a team with Jagr and franchise great Bondra.
That's all you need to know.

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