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04-20-2011, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Alycat View Post
Not all of us are trash..

Not sympathizing on either side fwiw. Julien was asked a question and he answered. You can't lay the blame squarely on him. He was prompted. The media keeps bringing up the incident pre, during and post game. Just wish it would end.
I sooo agree with this. They still talk about it on the radio all the time.

You would think that Montreal would be the one that kept bringing this up seeing as it was OUR player that was injured, but no they just let it die in Montreal but in Boston it comes back again and again and again...

Then again, when most of the media people here seem more interested in talking about diving and flopping (I do not think any Montreal player is ever allowed to fall on the ice once, ever without it being a dive) than about actual hockey, it's not all that surprising. When the majority has no freaking idea about what's going on on the ice and think Chara had a great game in game 1, they will fall back on what they can understand : demagogy.

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