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08-10-2005, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Reaper45
What do these guys getting dealt have to do with "AM's kiss ass house"?

That's understandable that you dont care what they do, but when they become distractions to the rest of team and affect their play, do you care then?
My point is. If you're an AM's dog house you better believe you're either being dealt, or you're being sent to Manchester. His actions have proved that over and over again. How could a player like Kip Brennan be a detriment (or distraction) to the team? Avery getting jumped by Cummins only for Brennan to beat the piss out of Cummins is detrimental..............I see your point. Focus on positive over negative sometimes. The whole enforcer thing on this board is beyond stale anyways.
AM has shown us no other signs of playing guys that don't fit into his system (which most of us claim to know inside out..........yeah right) Rosa was another example, and he's not even an enforcer.
Four lines are a puzzle, and it's his job to figure it out. The NHL has always had a system for four lines. Again the NHL.........not International. Four somewhat scoring lines just don't work. The whole "the guy can't skate thing" is also overly used on this board. Allison was a horrible skater, yet one of the most dominating centers in the league...........I don't get it!

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