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04-20-2011, 12:29 PM
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Maybe next time we should just do it with the number of people who really want to do it instead of just trying to expand the league like we're Gary Bettman.

Also , even if I know my opinion doesn't have as much weight as other vet GMs , this guy is like a traitor , especially to those that did past ATDs without knowing.We have NO indication that he was going to stop anytime soon before the mods caught him , and letting him participate like nothing happened is just sending a wrong message that this is not the end of the world and encouraging people to do it again , like for example a 19 years old with divorced parents that live in both houses who could easily reproduce that , and I'm sure hfboards is not lacking in 19 years old in this situation.

If I understood correctly , the guy was actually the commissionner while doing this? So basically he was the law and he overrule his own laws for his own agenda? This is pathetic. ( dictator is the word I think , no joke , it might be the definition but I'm not 100% sure )

Worst part is he's coming here playing the ''victim that has given to the community and made this for the good of the ATD'' card and some people are buying into it.

We already lost Mr Bugg and who knows who's gonna get tired of doing this.It feels like a school yard ( elementary school ).

Does VanI deserve that we lose some other GMs for him after his narcissistic powertrip? That's my question.

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