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04-20-2011, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Well, Yankee stadium is absolutely on their radar... and we've heard about Citi field, too.

Moreover, the stadium is actually less important for the event than the TV draw... NBC doesn't get any of the gate receipt I'm assuming, and they just put $200M into the NHL's pocket.
While New Yankee Stadium would certainly be a dream come true for NBC as well as the NHL, it is booked until at least 2013 between Christmas Eve and New Years Day for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl game... with NYD/NYE most likely the game-day... so hey pretty much are eliminated for the time being. If the bowl proves to be a success they most likely would love to keep it going past 2013.

The Meadowlands new stadium has shared occupancy with Giants and Jets I believe, so an open date there is all but impossible unless there is no NFL season -- but with that being an uncertainty it is not a factor.

That leaves Citi Field as he only NYC Area venue I believe... I haven't heard of any desire to play here though.

Flyers vs Rangers has always been a good rating draw... as good as it could be considering it is hockey... and the largest regular season game during NBC's last contract was between them, IIRC. A Philly based game could be in effect a shared home game with both STHs having ticket access and NY fans would have an easy trip South, and the southern Rags fans would have an even easier trip... Both cities are in the top TV Markets and have deep and very supportive fan bases.

Citi Field could host a City WC with Rags and Isles... but that would eliminate a second major TV market as well as replace a great traveling fan base with a dying and non-caring one as host.

From people I have personally heard speak of it... including Luukko... the Flyers are finalists and the front-runner... I also heard that while football stadiums have better sight-lines, baseball fields are better liked by many for their atmosphere. I personally much rather go with football stadiums after missing so much of the last WC in Fenway's left field bleachers... That said, everything else about Fenway was perfect, bu please keep in mind I didn't have to drive there and park, nor even use public transportation since I was on a group bus with excellent drop off/pick up.

With the Linc gone I'm fine with a Super New Years weekend with a Saturday WC a CBP and a Sunday final NFL game at the Linc and the Mummers free to march down Broad Street without Winter Classic competition.

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